Kristi Oakey - CEO

Kristi Oakey - CEO


Proud To Be Your Home Healthcare Provider Of Choice

Est. 2010

” We really try to keep things affordable in a world where costs keep going up. We have a family attitude and we believe it is your personal choice when it comes to caring for a loved one. We want to keep them comfortable in their own home. Whether your family is in a independent living community, assisted living, skilled, apartment, or home, we will come to them.”
— -Kristi Oakey, CEO

Our independently owned company has been serving the Omaha area for the last 10 years. We value your personal choices when it comes to caring for your loved one. Our care attendants are qualified and ready to serve. Everyone’s needs are different, that is why at Personal Choice we customize your care.

Personal Med Check began when Owner, Kristi Oakey, met families and seniors who needed extra care. Kristi has experienced wonderful blessings in her life by helping seniors transition into other cares. She’s helped families in their own homes, independent and assisted living, skilled and hospice care. Through these experiences, Kristi began to dream of a ways she could make a difference and help families and seniors afford the high cost of getting older.

That’s how Personal Choice Services became a reality.

We have 2 different divisions, with a variety of services that help meet family’s needs in different ways.  We invite you to look over the details of the two programs here on our website and then contact us for further questions and planning.

Our team thanks you for the opportunity to know and serve you and your family!