3 Best Things To Do When You Become A Caregiver

Starting a caregiving journey can make you feel worried and scared. If you have never been a caregiver before, the task can be daunting! Your stresses and concerns are probably high and you can’t seem to relax. Here are three important things to remember when you start your journey:

  1. Leave perfectionism at the door

    There is no right or wrong way to be a caregiver. Don’t put too much stress on yourself by trying to become the perfect carer. We are all different people, with different stories and circumstances. Progress, not perfection is the goal! There are no rules, judgements, or timelines. How you care for your loved one is ultimately up to you and your best efforts.

  2. Allow time to adapt

    There is always a huge learning curve for all new caregivers! There is a lot of change associated with this, but it is important to give yourself time to adjust and get settled. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust, learn and get settled no matter how long it takes. This is a process, not an event. We are all human doing the best we can. Just suit up and show up. You will find a rhythm and balance even when things seem out of sync. It just takes time.

  3. Slow Down

    You need to pace yourself for the long haul. Jumping in with all of your might and energy will leave you depleted and worn out at the end. You may feel like you have to do everything by yourself, or maybe you feel like you can, but we always recommend having others to help you along the way. Caregiver burnout is a very real thing and we want to avoid it at all costs!

Remember these three things as you begin your journey. Know that asking for help in any situation does not make you less of a caregiver or mean that you don’t love your person enough. If you are in the Omaha area, please reach out to us here at Personal Choice Services if you are looking for help caring for your loved one.